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Cup Winner 🏆 2024

Great joy about the final victory in the Swiss Unihockey Cup with Zug United


The jubilation knew no bounds, the joy was immense! Last weekend we won the coveted Swiss floorball cup with Zug United. It was a great occasion, an unforgettable event that we won with ease.

It fills me with pride to see how hard training, team spirit and tireless effort have led to this tremendous success. We have had a strong season and it was particularly remarkable that we have not had a single avoidable injury in the entire team up to this point.

This victory is not only a triumph for Zug United, but also a testament to the discipline, commitment and professionalism of each individual team member. We have proven that with hard work and solidarity, great things can be achieved.

A big thank you goes to everyone who supported us along the way - coaches, support staff, fans and of course my fantastic teammates. This victory belongs to each and every one of us and I am grateful to be part of such a great team. On to new challenges, to the play-off round! 🏆🥅🏒

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