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Triumphant finale 🏆 2024

Zug United wins the Superfinal and crowns a perfect season!


Yesterday was a memorable day for Zug United and its fans - we won the Super Final and ended the season in a breathtaking way. With our second final victory this season, we not only won our first Swiss championship title, but also went down in Zug United's history as double winners. It was an unforgettable moment and a true highlight for our team.

As an athletic trainer, I am particularly proud that we were able to finish this flawless season with over 40 games without a single avoidable injury. The careful training planning and focus on the individual fitness of the players paid off and helped us to always perform at our best. It fills me with joy to see that we were always the fresher team at the end of the games, which enabled us to win even the closest games in the final phase.

This success is the result of hard work, dedication and team spirit. Every single player contributed and we worked as a unit. It was a season full of ups and downs, but in the end we made history together and proved ourselves to be an unbeatable team.

I am proud and happy about what we have achieved together and am already looking forward to the challenges that await us in the next season. To a new chapter, new victories and more unforgettable moments!🏆🥅🏒

Proud and happy!

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