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"Setting optimal stimuli - rehabilitation after hamstring injuries" in the Physiopraxis of Thieme Verlag


It is with great joy and pride that I would like to announce that together with renowned colleagues I have published a brand new article in the Physiopraxis of Thieme Verlag: "Setting optimal stimuli - rehabilitation after hamstring injuries". The article presents a comprehensive concept for the rehabilitation of hamstring injuries.

In this article, we have developed a general rehabilitation concept that aims to highlight the best strategies and approaches for successful recovery from hamstring injuries. By combining our expertise and experience, we have created a holistic program that is both effective and practical.

Special thanks go to the first author, David Kotkowski, for his excellent work and guidance in preparing this article. The other authors, Daniel Oberhuber and Emilio Pingitore, also deserve recognition for their valuable contribution to this important topic.

We hope this article serves as a valuable resource for therapists, physicians, and athletes alike and helps optimize hamstring injury rehabilitation. Thank you for your great collaboration and commitment to improving the health and performance of our patients.

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